Airstock & ASA-Block

We use 7075 aluminum (AlZn5.5MgCu)


Quite simple, we think it's the best material for our project

It is not without reason that this alloy is used for structural components in defense technology and aviation due to its high strength

Fittings & Hose

HEALTH is the highest good, so your SAFETY is the most important thing to us!!!

We searched for a long time and suffered a few setbacks, but then we found exactly the right fittings and hose

The fittings we use work with a maximum operating pressure of 250 bar in a temperature range from -20°C to +70°C

The hose can withstand an operating pressure of 136 bar

With a normal pressure range of 850psi (58bar) with a standard regulator we are in a pretty safe area

ATTENTION: Please do not use standard 4mm Macroline with our system! It is not compatible!!!